Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 1 – Part 9

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

When we last saw Snow and her family in part 8, Gunther had just died, and Snow had managed to make a deal with Death and get him back. But for how long?


“I’m so glad you’re alive!” Snow told Gunther.

“Dad!” James said. “Oh my god, Dad, you’re alive!” But Death was still hanging around, and suddenly dying, had made Gunther more anxious than ever.

“Snow,” he said. “I know you’ve been dreaming about a fairytale wedding like Christian had, but I want to get married right here and now.”


“That sounds amazing,” Snow said. The two of them got married right in Snow’s kitchen! But she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Let’s take a look at what was happening with Christian and Femke. As we said during their wedding, Femke was pregnant. Her belly grew every day. Christian was so excited about becoming a father!


Christian worked as an astronaut. He loved his job, his new wife, and his new home.


Christian was working out when Femke rushed into the room. “I’m in labor!” she screamed, and they hurried to the hospital.


Take a look at who is helping Femke! Yes, it’s Doctor Snow. She was now promoted to a specialist, and could help patients give birth. It was a special moment for Snow, to help deliver her first grandchild.


Christian on the other hand was not so excited. He was panicking, and completely freaking out. Snow feared she would have to sedate him soon.


Then it happened! The moment they’d been waiting for. Snow’s first grandchild was born, little Christopher White.


Femke and Christian took the child back home and gave him a crib right next to their beds. They loved their child very much. Even Femke, who was supposed to be evil, swooned whenever she saw the little guy.


In record time, Christopher grews up and became a beautiful toddler. And Femke? She was pregnant again! It looked like Christian was just as fond of children as his mother was.


Femke taught Christopher how to walk. He was a bright little guy and with his parents’ help, he would learn all the necessary skills soon.


But then, tragedy stuck. Gunther was cleaning out the trash when he grabbed his chest and fell down.


Death appeared on the doorstep again. This time, Snow wasn’t home to persuade him and even though Anastasia pleaded for her father’s life, Death was relentless. Gunther’s time was up.


All the kids ruhsed downstairs to try and convince Death to save their father, but it was too late. The kids were devastated.


They put up a small marker for Gunther in the backyard. When Snow came home from work and heard the news, the poor woman cried her eyes out. She had loved Gunther so much and they’d rekindled their love only so recently. They had wasted so many years, Gunther being afraid of his mother, and Snow unable to forgive him for it. She wished desperately to get those years back.


Christian came over to give condolences for his father’s passing. He was glad to see his brother James again. James had turned into a young adult recently, and was looking very smart. Despite the sad circumstances, the brothers found comfort in spending time with one another.

What will happen next? Will the kids be able to deal with Gunther’s passing? Will Christian and Femke have their second child? Will the other kids find love?



Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 1 – Part 6

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

When we last saw Snow White and the kids in part 5, the youngest child, Cinderella, and new heir to our legacy, was just born.


Cinderella was a beautiful blonde baby girl. Neither Snow nor Gunther had any idea why she was blonde, but Gunther did have a brother with blonde hair and his mother was blonde, so maybe that explained it.


Snow taught Cinderella how to talk and walk. Cinderella was an angelic child, and very sweet.


Snow bought a pirate ship for her kids. Despite it being evening, Drizella couldn’t wait to try it out. She loved playing and being active.


Meanwhile, Cinderella picked up most of her new skills from running after her older brother, Dean.


Christian and James grew up into teenagers. Christian got a job at the local grocery store. He still loved playing chess with his brother.


Snow White got promoted at work, and she got to perform her first surgery. She was extremely anxious, but it turned out okay.


Snow played with Dean. She loved it, and for once, she didn’t care her bathroom was filthy or the sink needed cleaning.


Snow White still had a lot on her plate. After getting home from work, she didn’t even have time to take her coat off before the kids came complaining. The toilet needed repairs, the sink needed cleaning, the floor needed mopping. Despite being in a horrible mood and longing for nothing more than a good night’s sleep, Snow took care of the shores first.


All the kids made homework together, usually in the boys’ room. Christian and James gave the example for their younger siblings, Drizella and Jensen.


Snow read a bedtime story to Dean, who had turned into a child, and to Cinderella. Snow felt bad she still didn’t have the funds for a proper birthday party for her children, but Dean told her it was all right. He knew she loved them very much.


Snow had saved up enough money to expand the house. She moved her bedroom upstairs, and moved the chess table and living room into the space her bedroom had been in before. The kids loved it, now Dean and James could play chess while talking to their other siblings who were having dinner. Snow told Christian and Anastasia how proud she was of them for both getting straight A’s, working hard on their aspirations, and getting promoted at the part time jobs they had after school hours.


James dropped by a pub one night after school. He wanted to make new friends for his Friend of the World aspiration. He talked with several people and made a few new acquintances.


Doesn’t he look tough in his sports outfit? With some of the kids now in their teens, it seems like a good time to talk about their traits and aspirations.

Anastasia’s aspiration was to be a Musical Genius. Her traits were creative, snob and music lover. Christian’s dream was to be a Renaissance Sim. His traits were nerd and genius.

James White’s aspiration was Friend to the World. He was outgoing and also had the glutton trait.


Jensen was a creative child. He wanted to be an Artistic Prodigy, so he spent most of his spare time drawing.


Snow finally had enough money to buy a new living room set. Remember her old bedroom? It was now a living room, and builders also tore down the wall seperating the room from the hallway, making it much larger and spacious. Now instead of one couch, she had four, plenty of room for herself and her kids.


Snow had some money left, so she purchased something else she’d been wanting for a long time – an actual dining room set. She put this where the living room had been before, right next to the kitchen. It was seperated from the hallway with a wall, but builders tore that down too, providing her with an open plan living area. She loved it! Now she could talk to her kids when they were having dinner or relaxing on the couch.


Snow still had some trouble getting the family to actually eat at the dining table, though. They were so used to eating while sitting on the couch that they immediately did that.


Finally, Snow managed to get most of her family around the table. Drizella and Dean did their homework while James and Christian had breakfast.


Snow spent some time teaching Cinderella basic words. Cinderella loved spending time with her mom.


Cinderella could go potty all on her own!


The girls did some growing up! Drizella became a teenager. Isn’t she gorgeous? She was an active sim, so her aspiration was to become a Bodybuilder. She was well on her way because she loved training. Cinderella grew up into a beautiful child, although she needed a little makeover.


Look at how cute she is ink her pink pyjamas. And yes, you saw it right! Snow purchased a new bedroom for the girls. If the boys had their own bedroom, it was only fair the girls did too.

What will happen next? Will Jensen and Dean grow up and accomplish their child aspirations? How about Cinderella? Will the reens grow into young adults? And what about Gunther? Find out in the next episode.





Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 1 – Part 5

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

We left Snow in part 4 practically living together with Gunther, but not officially, and with five kids, Jensen being the youngest.


Anastasia and Christian were happy with Jensen in their household. Anastasia was worried at first, but now she was glad she had a new baby brother to dote on.


Drizella was glad she had a new playmate to play with. Jensen loved playing with his sister.


Nothing beats a nice dinner on the couch. Snow was enjoying some family time with James and Jensen.


Jensen and Druzilla liked exploring things on their own. For the moment, they were exploring the kitchen and trying to grab some food.


Snow White read Anastasia a bedtime story. Her favorite time of the day were the times she spent with her children.


She tucked the little ones in bed every night. Jensen didn’t like going to sleep, but he did love his mom’s bedtime stories.


Jensen wasn’t fond of going in the bathtub. He preferred walking around all smelly. Still, Snow insisted he clean up.


As a Whizkid, Christian loved experimenting, so Snow spent some of her savings to buy him a scientist table.


Time flies by! Drizella just turned into a child. Her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. For that, she’ll have to be very active and play on the outdoors toys a lot. Thankfully she’s an active sim. She’s also a slob, a trait she didn’t inherit from her mom.


Remember how Snow and Gunther were practising bed gymnastics again last episode? Well, here is the result. Another very pregnant Snow. Look at that face, look how much pain she’s in. Why does she go through that every time?


This is why. Because every time Snow looked at the face of her new child, she fell in love all over again. This time around, she didn’t go to the hospital to deliver. She”d gone through it so many times, she was used to it already, so she had the baby at home. It was a boy and she called him Dean.


While Snow took a much deserved nap, Gunther came to say hello to his youngest child.


Anastasia grew up! She reached her aspiration, got an A in school, and became a teenager. Isn’t she gorgeous? Her aspiration in life is to become a succesful musician.


Anastasia was feeling sad that she didn’t get to have a birthday party. Gunther explained to her it wasn’t because they didn’t love her – they did but funds were tight. Anastasia said she understood but she was still dissapointed.


She did get a beautiful violin for her birthday, though. It had been Snow’s once, the first thing Snow had ever bought, besides her house. But now Snow wanted Anastasia to have it, and Anastasia loved the gift very much.


Meanwhile, Gunther did his best to spend as much time with his family as he could. He loved family meals, where he could talk to everyone. With a teen, three kids and two toddlers running around, life was always hectic in the White household.


Anastasia bought a new outfit. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? She told her siblings everything about her wish to become a famous musician one day.


Meanwhile, life went on in the White household. Christian practiced his experiments. He wanted to be a succesful scientist one day.


Drizella practiced her moves. Her dream was to become an athlete. She certainly was active enough for it, and a real daredevil.


Snow continued having to combine a stressful job with a busy household. Often she came home having to clean, cook, or repair stuff around the house, and she didn’t even have time to change out of her work clothes.


Baby Dean became a toddler. Another handsome fella to join the family.


The kids made homework together on most days. Christian and James were inseperable.


The toddlers spent most their time in the playroom downstairs. They loved hugging. Jensen and Dean were fast becoming best friends.


Guess what? Snow was pregnant again. Dean wasn’t amused. Snow swore this baby would be her last. Seven children sounded more than enough. The other siblings secretely agreed. They were all walking on top of each other as it was.


Christian took it upon himself to show Dean some dancing moves. Dean thought his older brother was hilarious.


Snow still stuck to the ageold tradition of reading each kid a bedtime story. “Will you still read me stories when the new baby is born?” Jensen asked.

“Of course,” Snow promised.


Luckily, Snow had Anastasia to help around the house. When the doll house broke down, which brought Drizella to tears, Anastasia quickly stepped up to help her sister and repair the house.


Gunther still came by almost every day. Snow was a little annoyed at him, though. It was easy enough for him to make children but not take care of them. Gunther promised he would try even more but he still refused to move in with her.


Things were getting crowded in the nursery, and then, Snow felt something. A kick in her stomach, and seconds later, her water broke. Baby number seven was on its way!


Tada! Baby number seven was born! Cinderella, a baby girl, the youngest of the siblings, and the new heir of our legacy.



Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 1 – Part 4

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

When we left Snow in part 3, she was giving birth to her fourth child.


Here she is! It’s a baby girl. Snow named her Drizella. As usual, Gunther didn’t show up at the hospital, but Snow had already expected that. She was getting used to taking care of the kids on her own.


Anastasia and Christian enjoyed playing chess together. For Christian, it helped him gain knowledge, which he needed for his Whizkid aspiration, and Anastasia just enjoyed spending time with her brother.


Snow still read Christian bedtime stories since he loved them.


Drizella grew up from a small baby into a cute toddler! What a lovely had she’s wearing. She definitely has a sense of style.


Anastasia loved drawing. She reached her aspiration for an Artistic Prodigy in record time.


Snow had her first house call as a doctor. She loved it! This job really was her calling.


James grew up into a child! He wanted to be a Social Butterfly but he still didn’t mind helping his brother reach his aspiration of Whizkid.


The kids loved donig homework together and helping each other out. The boys got a new room with brand new beds.


Gunther dropped by a lot more. He practically lived with Snow and the kids. Last time, Snow had given him a talking to about not being in the kids’ lives enough, and he’d really changed around. He still wouldn’t move in with them because his mother still said she would disown him. However, he came by every day, spent the night, helped with the kids, and was a good boyfriend to Snow. She wished he would stand up to his mom, though. But since he’s already made a huge leap forward, she became romantically involved with him again.

And here’s the result. Another giant belly, another baby on the way. Although Snow made good progress on the career ladder of her doctor career, she had no idea how she would feed another mouth.


Anastasia and James made their homework otgether. Anastasia was a little jealous the boys had gotten a new room and she hadn’t. She understood budget was tight, but then why did Mom have to be pregnant again? A new baby would only bring more worries.

Anastasia was creative, but also a snob, so she loved new and fancy things. James didn’t share her concerns, he was thrilled he would have another sibling soon.


Anastasia and Christian talked about their new sibling. Anastasia didn’t like having a new sibling either way. Christian wanted a baby brother. Drizella didn’t understand much of what was going on. What was a sibling?


While the kids were dicussing things, Snow was rushed to the hospital to give birth to… Jensen! Another boy. Christian would be thrilled.


When Snow got back home from the hospital, she told the kids about Jensen. She was thrilled to introduce them to their new brother. Anastasia was not so thrilled, though.


It seemed so fast, but in no time, Jensen grew up into a toddler.


He had brown hair, just like his father. Jensen wanted to be an Artistic Prodigy like his older sister, Anastasia.


But it wasn’t long before Snow and Gunther, who practically lived at their house now, but not officially, were at it again…

Would they have another baby soon? What would the others think about that? Would Anastasia get along with Jensen, despite her reservations?



Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 1 – Part 3

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

When we left off Snow at the end of part 2, she was giving birth to her second child and we wondered if the child was a boy or a girl. Time to find out!

6-3-17_14-05-06 It’s a boy! Snow is the proud parent of a young baby boy called Christian. Snow couldn’t wait to get home from the hospital and hug her child.

6-3-17_14-16-07.png Anastasia wasn’t too happy, though. When she saw her younger siblings, instead of being happy, she got upset. Mad. Furious. So furious she destroyed the dollhouse her mom had saved every penny for just so she could buy it for her.

6-3-17_14-17-47.pngLuckily, Gunther came over to meet his child… and in the mean time, he got to repair the dollhouse. Snow was glad to have him around and help out for once.

6-3-17_14-19-30.png Gunther even read Anastasia a bedtime story that night, and tucked her in and gave her a goodnight kiss. Anastasia loved it.


Time flew by again, and in what seemed a matter of days, little Christian turned from a baby into a toddler. And what a handsome young man he was.


Snow’s life became even more hectic. Now, instead of putting one toddler to bed at night, she had to tuck in two toddlers. Instead of teaching one child how to talk and go potty, she had to teach two.

6-3-17_15-00-42 Every night after work, Snow had to go through the same routine. Get home from work, cook, eat, put the children in bath, read them a bedtime story and then she could hopefully get some sleep herself. But she barely slept because she worried so much.

6-3-17_15-06-21 She barely found time to clean the house, and when the sink broke, she had to repair it first. Snow didn’t get sleep at all that night. Being a single mom was tougher than she could have ever imagined. And even worse… Snow had noticed her growing belly. She was pregnant again, no doubt. Why could she not say no to Gunther?


The children sometimes played in the hallway next to Snow’s bedroom when she was asleep. She wished she had more time to play with her kids.


And Snow’s life was about to get even more hectic. She was having a baby again. This time, the doctor helping her deliver the child was a ghost, which made for a memorable but weird experience. Snow swore while giving birth that, if Gunther didn’t step up to the plate, she would not make love with him ever again. He needed to be a father to their children.


Snow’s third child was born! It was a boy, and she called him James. James White was the most beautiful baby boy she had ever seen. She hugged him close before leaving the hospital and promised she would do whatever she could to keep his father in his life.


Anastasia and Christian were both upset about the arrival of their newest siblings. Snow tried to calm them down by reading them a bedtime story.


Didn’t it just seem like yesterday when little James White was born? And now he was already growing into a toddler! Another beautiful young man to join the White household. Snow was so proud of him.


The three kids loved playing together. James enjoyed learning new things from his siblings, like how to play with dolls or build towers.

6-3-17_15-47-09.png Christian was reading a book while James talked to the giant stuffed teddybear his Mom had bought for him and his siblings.


After a day full of activities, the kids were sound asleep, each in their own toddler bed.


Snow White came home from work and both Anastasia and Christian crawled next to her on to the couch. How much they had grown! She was so proud that they could already walk that well, and that they could talk and play.

6-3-17_16-28-33 Anastasia grow up into a child! Her aspiration was to be an Artistic Prodigy. To accomplish that, she started drawing almost right away. She was such a beautiful child, and Snow was so proud.


Every night when Snow came home from work, she made sure to spend time with the kids. They usually ate dinner on the couch while talking and while Anastasia made her homework. Snow couldn’t afford a dining room table, so the couch had to do.

6-3-17_16-49-28.png Anastasia was a delightful child. When she wasn’t working on completing her own aspiration or doing homework or helping with chores around the house, she taught her younger siblings and played with them.


Meanwhile, Snow continued to advance on her career as a doctor. Although she had promised herself that unless Gunther would step up to the task, she wouldn’t fall for his charms again, her swelling belly showed that she hadn’t stayed true to her word. One night, Gunther had shown up at her doorstep, he’d played with the kids, he’d helped around the house, and he’d whispered some romantic words in her ear… And now, lo and behold, our darling Snow was pregnant again.


Anastasia and James loved playing with the dollhouse. They both had a rich imagination and made up the most amazing stories.


Snow took James aside and told him he would have a baby sister or brother soon. James didn’t really understand much about it.


Snow was VERY pregnant. Her tummy was huge, more so than last time, she thought. She hoped that didn’t mean she was going to have twins. The house was crowded enough as it was.


Bath time became problematic with such big belly.


Christian grew up just in time! No way would Snow be able to handle three toddlers ever again. Christian’s aspiration was to be a Whizkid. He would have to practice a lot to reach his goal, though.


Time to have another baby. Snow was getting used to this by now. She was worried this time she would have twins, though.

Will Snow have twins? Will she go crazy if she does? Will Christian become a Whizkid? Will Gunther man up, say goodbye to his mom, and move in with Snow? Find out in the next episode.