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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 24

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, Cinderella and Castiel were busy renovating their house prior to the arrival of their child. Baby Tristan was the born, their first child, a beautiful baby boy.

As usual, Cinderella was busy cooking.

Castiel and Dean were talking in the dining room. They weren’t even surprised when Snow’s ghost came floating in.

Dean and Drizella were having a fun conversation upstairs. These two are so cute.

Just when they started kissing, Castiel interrupted them. Cas has bad timing!

Drizella and Dean went to have some fun downstairs, in the hot tub.

Tristan grew up into a toddler! He’s a beautiful little boy.

Snow came by to give Cinderella some tips on motherhood. Tristan didn’t seem surprised at all that his grandmother was a ghost.

Cinderella taught Tristan how to talk.

Dean loved hanging out with Tristan. Tristan called him “uncle Dean”.

Life went on as usual. Cinderella cooked the meals.

Castiel read Tristan bedtime stories every night.

Cinderella decided she and Cas needed some ‘alone time’, so she asked him out on a date. Of course, Cas said yes. Prior to their date, Cinderella made sure was as beautiful as she could be.

The two lovebirds headed over to a local pub.

The pub was a little crowded. Cinderella and Castiel sat down to play a game, and maybe enjoy a meal together.

After finishing dinner, they danced and hugged together. They’re so much in love, these two.

They headed toward the closet for some woohoo, kissing and hugging all the way.

Things were getting hot in there!

Even after they were done, they still couldn’t stop kissing. The love is so strong between these two.

“Cin, I love you more and more every day,” Castiel said.

They headed him, both of them over the moon from happiness.

When Cas came home from work the next day, Cinderella had an announcement for him.

“Cas, I’m pregnant.”

Little Tristan wasn’t too happy that he’d be an older brother soon, though. He loved being the baby of the family, and being doted upon.

Cinderella assured him he would still be loved, and she wouldn’t love him any less because of it. Meanwhile, she spent some quality time with Tristan, teaching him through the memory cards.

I thought it was time for an update on the other households, but before we leave, here is a picture of the renovated living room.

The living room looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Very classy. The old furniture moved upstairs until I know what to do with it – make a den upstairs or a children’s play area, or just sell it.

Let’s take a quick look at Jensen’s family, and see how the children grew up. Little Morgan looks all grown up.

Jensen’s second child, Megan, is already a toddler. Time flies!

Time to visit Natalie and Dean. Natalie was looking good in her own mirror reflection, even if she said so herself.

Dean was outside, spending time with his youngest daugther, Audrey.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Devon talked about school.

And here’s a closer look at Audrey. She’s adorable!

What will happen next? Will Cinderella and Castiel’s second child be a boy or a girl? Will the other families prosper? Will Cinderella do well in her chef’s career?

Find out in our next episode.



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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 23

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, CInderella and Castiel got married. The party was amazing, and all Cinderella’s siblings dropped by to visit.

Castiel’s job took him to all kinds of places over town. When heading to the local gym to investigate a supsect, he ran into James and Mariko.

Meanwhile, pregnant Cinderella was practicing her mixology skills at home. She worked as a chef, but she needed to know mixology too to get promoted in her job.

Here’s a view of what the house looked like now. Built in Snow’s style, it was cozy and looked like it came out of a fairytale. But the house was getting too small for the family. Cinderella and Castiel had plans to expand it, upgrade the furniture, and rework the backyard, now that their little one was on the way.

Meanwhile, since the water slide will be taken away during renovations, let’s take a last look at Drizella having fun sliding through the water. Sorry, Dri, this has to make room for more house!

A lot of renovation work, and a lot of spent money later, this is the new, updated house.

It’s huge! Remember what it looked like when Snow first bought it? It barely had any room. Now, in one generation, we’ve turned it into a mansion.

The inside renovations are still a work-in-progress. The dining room has been renovated.

The dining room looked amazing. It was now far more spacious, had a large bar, room for eight people to sit down, and a place to play chess – the favorite game of our White family.

And behind the corner, was room enough for the piano.

Here’s a view on the living room. They didn’t have money to upgrade the furniture yet, so the old furniture just moved into the new room.

They did have some money left to add in a downstairs bathroom / toilet.

Top view of the dining rom. The kitchen stayed the same, just moved into a different spot, and added a few more cabinets. The space next to the kitchen is for a small breakfast table, but they didn’t have enough money to purchase that yet.

A top view of the entire downstairs. The hallway is gigantic, and has a double stairs.

The upstairs area. Most of the furniture was what we already had in the old house. The children’s rooms stayed mostly the same, just the space was expanded and we have added an additional bathroom upstairs (top part) and bedroom.

Some inside looks of the updated house. Castiel and Dean having a conversation in the living room.

Cinderella was enjoying breakfast in the dining room.

Cinderella decided to pay her brother James a visit and talk about renovations she’d done on the house. James was so happy to see her.

They even took a picture together.

They hugged.

Cinderella went inside the house to say “hello” to her cousins. They were all excited to see her.

As soon as she came home, Cinderella rushed to the nursery upstairs. Her belly hurt so much, and she felt the baby coming.

Let’s welcome the first child of generation three! Tristan White, a beautiful baby boy.

What will happen next? Will Cinderella and Castiel make enough money to continue the renovations on their home? Will baby Tristan become a happy toddler?

Find out in our next episode.


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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 22

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In our last episode, Cinderella dropped by to tell all her siblings the good news: she was pregnant.

Wait, what’s happening? Cinderella is waiting down the isle for her prince charming, Castiel.

Castiel approached her, looking very fancy in his evening wear.

“Cas, from the first day I met you, I always hoped we would end up here.”

“Me too, Cin. I’ve been in love with you since the first time we met.”

All the guests came outside to watch the ceremony. Mariko was looking extremely pregnant.

The Whites had decorated the garden with lights. It looked very romantic.

The happy couple hugged and exchanged their vows.

They kissed. How romantic!

All Cin’s siblings and relatives looked out as she and Cas exchanged their “I do’s”.

Afterward, everyone headed for the kitchen to eat some cake. Cin wasn’t feeling too well – she’d been so nervous she had tigerstripes all over her arms.

All the guests gathered aorund the dining table for some food and cake.

“So, how are you doing in your new home?” Drizella asked. “Taking care of the twins? And how are things with you and Kabir?”

“It’s very busy,” Anastasia said. “Still, not as busy as I remember our house being when we grew up.”

“I miss you,” Drizella said.

“I miss you too. And Cin. I love you guys.”

Castiel was getting ready to cut the wedding cake. Everyone was excited about it.

After he finished cutting the cake, he brought a piece to Cinderella.

These two are so cute! And Jensen is like: “what the heck, how can they be so adorable?”

After cutting the cake, everyone once again gathered in the dining room – this time to taste the delicious cake.

“How’s having kids?” Cinderella asked Jensen.

“It’s amazing. You’re never bored,” Jensen laughed. “I understand why Mom wanted to have so many kids.”

“I miss Mom. Her ghost is around sometimes, but it’s not the same.”

Some brotherly bonding between Christian and James. James will have to watch his diet – he has quite the belly.

An autonomous hug between Jensen and Dean.

Cinderella went around to hug all of her cousins.

It was so adorable!

She coudl barely keep them apart, but she loved all of them.

“Hello, my soon-to-be cousin,” Christian said.

The party was amazing and it was over all too fast. Cinderella and Drizella were sad to see their siblings head back home.

What will happen next? Will Cin and Castiel’s baby be a boy or girl? Will the siblings drop by for another visit?

Find out in our next episode.



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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 21

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

You can find out more or sign up to participate here.


Cinderella came over to Christian’s house to pay her older brother a visit.


She first met with Christopher. “Hey, little cousiN. how are you?”


Next up, she played in the dollhouse with Carlina.


Changed Christina’s diaper.


Then she pretended to be an airplane with Christina on her back. Christina loved it!


She also met with Colin, and talked some more with Christopher. With so many cousins, she barely had time to get to know any of them.


She also spoke a little with Christina. Christina and Cinderella were very alike, and liked each other right away.


Downstairs, she gave Christian a quick hug. She was so glad to see him .Even though he was her oldest brother and she didn’t have such a strong connection with him as she had with Dean or Jensen, she would always miss him.


Back home, she had dinner with Drizella. “I think Christian is going crazy with all those kids.”

“I’ve decided I don’t want any kids,” Drizella said. “Growing up with all those siblings, I’ve had more than enough.”

“Are you sure? It seems like a drastic decision.”

“I’m sure. It would just come in the way of my career as a sports professional,” Drizella said. “I have more than enough of kids.”

“Well uhm… I kind of invited Christian and the kids over for dinner,” Cinderella said, blushing.


Drizella might not like kids, but she was happy when her brother and cousins came to visit. They’re such a colorful bunch. By now, Carlina and Colin had grown up as well, becoming children.


Castiel was happy to see the house occupied with all these kids. The more people, the happier he was.


Cinderella had prepared a delicious meal for everyone. Being such a good cook, everyone loved her food. Even the kids liked it.


The meal was a success, and lots of people took seconds. Cinderella wouldn’t be more pleased!


Well, maybe she could, because after everyone left, this happened.

Castiel and Cinderella made love for the first time. It was amazing.


“So uhm Cas… I’ve got some news. Remember last night? Well, of course you remember, it was incredible. Well, uhm…”

Cinderella paused and look at him. “I’m pregnant.”


“Oh my God, that’s amazing! I love you so much.”


Meanwhile, Dean was working on his career. He and Drizella had no intention of having kids, but he was thrilled his best friend, Castiel, would be a father soon.


Cinderella decided to visit her second oldest brother, James, and tell him the good news. James’ house is so cozy, and fairytale-like.


“Hey James. I’ve got some big news to tell you…” Cinderella leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “I’m pregnant.”


“Congratulations!” The news brought James to tears. “I never expected my baby sister would become a mother one day.”


“Hey guys, what’s up?” Dewi asked from inside the kitchen.

“Come here, Dewi, Cinderella has some wonderful news,” James said.


“I’m pregnant!” Cinderella said out loud this time.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Dewi was so thrilled to hear that.


“So, will it be a boy or a girl?” Dewi asked.

“I don’t know yet. I want to wait until the baby is born to find out.”

Lyssa and Leander seemed kind of thrilled about being older cousins.


But Layla was happiest of all, and asked Cinderella a ton of questions about it.


A few hours later, Cinderella left. Poor girl was exhausted and wanted to go home to bed.


But when she passed by Jensen’s house, she decided she couldn’t go home without telling her news to her other brother.


“Hey Mariko. Sorry to bother you this late. Is my brother home?”

“Sure, he’s upstairs.”


“Hey Jensen! I’ve got the most amazing news,” Cinderella said. “I’m pregnant.”

“What? Cindy, congratulations!” Jensen just about jumped from joy.


Jensen and Cinderella hugged. Mariko came upstairs, she’d also heard Cinderella’s big news, and wished her congratulations.


“Did you hear that, little one? You’re going to become a big cousin soon.”

What will happen in our next episode? Will Cinderella’s baby be a boy or girl? Will the baby be the heir of our next generation? Find out in the next episode!


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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 20

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, Anastasia and Kabir finally got married. They moved out and into a house of their own. Now it’s just Drizella and Cinderella left at home, and Castiel and Dean, who moved in with them.

But before we look at their home, let’s head over to Jensen’s place.


Jensen and Mariko had become the proud parents of a baby girl. We were just in time to see the girl grow up into a toddler.


They called her Morgan. She was quite cute, but needed a quick makeover.


That’s better. Those curls look adorable on her.


“Mariko, I want to ask you something,” Jensen said. “I love Morgan, but I would like to have another child. I don’t want her growing up an only child.”

“That sounds great,” Mariko said. She winked. “Let’s start trying!”


They certainly didn’t waste any time trying for baby number two.


Morgan was an independent toddler, which meant she could do a lot of things on her own. She could play on her own for hours.


“So Jensen… I know we’ve only tried once but… I’m pregnant.”

“WHAT?” Jensen almost fainted.


He cried again from happiness. Poor baby.


Meanwhile, at Christian’s house, chaos reigned. The dollhouse had been destroyed by one of the kids, and Christian needed to repair it.


When he’d finished repairing the dollhouse, suddenly Christina started walking around naked. She had the trait ‘wild’, so I guess that was her way of showing just how wild she was.


Femke found Carlina wandering around outside. “What do you think you’re doing, young lady? Get back inside the house.”

That didn’t go over well with Carlina, who figured she knew best and didn’t need to be ordered around.


Moving on to James’ house, where another outside encounter at night took place. James was teaching Layla with memory cards. Why he chose to do so outside… I don’t know.


Meanwhlie, Lyssa and Leander were talking in the bathroom. These tow got along really well.


“You’re my brother but you know you’re kind of weird, right?” Lyssa asked.

“You’re the one who’s weird. I don’t like you.”

“Stop following me then.”

“Never,” Leander said.

Told you they liked each other.


Now, let’s check up on Dean and Natalie. Their oldest child, Devon, is actually really spoiled. He has an amazing playroom. All the other kids would be jealous. Natalie and Dean are such proud parents.


Also, as you can see, Natalie is pregnant again. Will baby number two be a boy or a girl? They’re certainly hoping for a girl!


Meanwhile, at our founder’s house, Castiel was busy repairing the dish washer, still in his sexy uniform.


Cinderella and Drizella were chatting. These two weren’t only sisters, but reallly good friends too.


I also took some pictures of Castiel while he was at work. He loved his job.


Analyzing evidence, working on the computer, visiting crime scenes, it was Castiel’s dream job.

15-3-17_8-28-40.png Except maybe searching suspects… He didn’t really like that.

What will happen next? Will Cinderella and Castiel finally get married? How about Dean and Drizella? Will Dean and Natalie’s next child be a boy or girl? Find out in our next episode.

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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 19

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous chapter, Kabir asked Anastasia twice to marry him, but to no avail. Drizella asked Dean to move in with them, and he said yes.


Starting the chapter off with woohoo is always fun, but who are these two lovebirds?


It’s Kabir and Anastasia. They took some time to talk their issues through, and now their relationship is stronger than ever. Kabir has managed to convince Anastasia he’s not feeling pressured, and that he wants to be here, and that he loves her.


“Anastasia. Will you marry me?” He paused and smiled. “And this is the last time I’m asking. Trust me.”


“Yes, Kabir, yes!”

It’s so romantic. These two have gone through a lot. Kabir’s commitment issues made their relationship really difficult, but then when he was ready to take things to the next level, Anastasia wasn’t. I’m glad they finally worked things out.


Luckily, the two lovebirds could have some time to themselves because Dean offered to help babysit Adrian. He really liked the little guy.


Snow’s ghost appeared. The girls would be so thrilled to see her… except now they were all asleep. Thankfully, the Gods accepted Cinderella’s sacrifice to bring Snow’s spirit back.


Snow’s ghost loved playing games. She’d barely played any while alive, so this was a weird quirk. Dying does change people, sometimes.


But Snow still loved playing the violin, so not that much had changed. Castiel didn’t seem surprised at all a ghost was playing the violin right behind him.


The next morning, things were hectic in the kitchen, while Anastasia told Cinderella the good news. “Kabir and I are getting married.”

“Congratu…” Cinderella began.


“Oh God no.” Cindy knew what that meant. Of course, as resident chef, she would have to make the wedding cake again.


Meanwhile, Anastasia and Kabir were exchanging their vows outside. For some reason, both of them refused to put on their formal wear while doing so.


Kabir put the ring on Anastasia’s finger. “I will always love you. You and the kid are my life.”


They were now officially husband and wife!


The White’s bought an entire wedding set just for the wedding. All the siblings were present!


Dean went to visit his cousins upstairs. Now Anastasia and Kabir decided to put on their formal wear. I don’t understand these sims at all!


“I’m wondering if, now we’re married, I should look for a place for my own,” Anastasia asked Jensen.

“I think you should. You need a private life. I couldn’t imagine moving out but now I’m glad I did.”


Anastasia wasn’t sure what to do, though. She retreated from the party and found some quiet space upstairs, in Cinderella’s room, to think things through.


Also, Castiel just got home from work in the middle of the party. He’s a police officer. Doesn’t he look fancy in his police uniform?


Anastasia did decide moving out was the best option BUT she wouldn’t move far. They actually bougth the house right next door. It needed some renovating, but she was eager to move their with her own family, Kabir and the kids. And it wasn’t far, so her sisters could always visit, and the other way around.

What will happen next? Will Drizella and Cinderella be able to manage without Anastasia? The house is suddenly a lot emptier, that’s for sure. And how is life for the other siblings?

Find out in our next episode.

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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 18

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, Kabir moved in with Anastasia, Drizella, Cinderella and the kids. But even more importantly, Castiel asked Cinderella to marry him!


Anastasia had a lot of work on her hands with the twins. Feeding one of them was tough, feeding two was torture.


She had to work in some exercise while the kids were eating. She barely had any “me time” left.


Between feeding the twins, potty-training, teaching them their other skills, work and work preparation once she got home, Anastasia was extremely busy.


Luckily, Kabir was around to help. Adrian wasn’t an easy child, and he demanded a lot of attention.


The kids also needed a bath just about every evening. Anastasia desperately wanted some time for herself.


Kabir and Colette became fast friends. Kabir turned out to be a good storyteller.


He even helped her practice talking. The more time he spent with his kids, the more Kabir began to realize how much he loved them, and how much he loved Anastasia. He wanted to spend his entire life with his family.


When Anastasia came back into the room, he went down o one knee. “Anastasia, will you marry me?” he asked.


Anastasia didn’t reply at first.

Then she said.



“What? No?” Kabir couldn’t believe it.

“I’m sorry,” Anastasia said. “I think you’re feeling pressured into doing this, and I don’t want to marry you just because you feel pressured.”


It was horrible. Kabir felt devastated.


“This doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” Anastasia said. “I do. I just want to make sure we’re doing this for the right reasons.”


Despite her reassurances, Kabir really didn’t feel good about it.


Colette loved talking to her bear. “Bear, do you know what’s up with Mommy and Daddy?”

“Can’t say I do,” Bear replied.


Everyone sat down for a family dinner, but Kabir obviously was still upset about what had happened. He felt bad.


“Anastasia, please, I know what you said, but I’m not doing this because I feel pressured. I’m doing this because now I realize I want to spend my entire life with you. Please say yes.”


“Sorry, Kabir, I can’t.”


Poor Kabir. His heart is broken.


Meanwhile, another couple had more good luck. Drizella and Dean were flirting like there was no tomorrow. “Would you like to move in with us?” Drizella asked.


“Yes, I would!” The two of them kissed. Cinderella just happened to see it.


She was so happy her plan had worked! She loved Drizella and she thought Dean was the perfect match for her.


That’s one happy Cinderella. She’s even more happy about it than Dean and Drizella are, I think.


Dean and Drizella celebrated them moving in together by having some fun in the hot tub.

What will happen next? Will Anastasia finally say yes to Kabir’s marriage proposal? Will Cinderella and Castiel tie the knot? Find out in our next episode!