Cast of Characters

Generation One

Snow Charming

snowAspiration: Big Happy Family – not yet achieved

Traits: Romantic, Music Lover, Family-Oriented

Bonus Trait: Domestic

Age: Adult

Career: Writer – Author Branch

Snow Charming is the legacy founder of this challenge. After growing up with an abusive stepmother who hated her, she moved out as a young adult. She didn’t have a lot of money, but she did have a dream – to buy a small, cozy cottage, find a job as a writer, and have a family of her own. She met Philip Wolters, her Prince Charming soon after she moved into town. She got the job she wanted, and the family she dreamed of. With seven children, her life is pretty busy.

Philip Wolters

philipAspiration: Computer Whiz – achieved

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Geek, Art Lover

Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

Reward Trait: Webmaster

Age: Elder

Career: Tech Guru

Philip Wolters’ life started the day he met Snow – or at least it feels that way. Two young adults falling in love. He moved in pretty fast, and the two of them got engaged. But with a baby on the way, timing wasn’t right to marry, so they postponed it until after the birth of their baby girl. But by then, Snow was pregnant again! They eventually married in a small, private ceremony between just the two of them, after they had six children. Accomplished at his job, Philip is a total Computer Whiz. When he’s not spending time with the love of his life, or his children, he plays computer games or develops apps.

Cinderella Charming (heir)

cinderellaAspiration: Master Chef

Traits: Neat, Foodie, Family-Oriented

Bonus Trait: Essence of Flavor

Child Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy – achieved and received reward trait: Creatively Gifted

Age: Young Adult

Career: Culinary – Chef Branch

Cinderella Charming is the oldest daughter and heir of Philip and Snow. She grew up as a creatively gifted child. With six brothers and sisters, the house was in a perpetual state of disarray and being the neat freak she is, Cinderella did most of the cleaning. She took up cooking as well, providing large family meals for her parents and siblings. She developed a passion for cooking early on in life, and when she became a young adult, she started a culinary career. She wants to find her own prince Charming, but with her job, taking care of household chores and her siblings, there’s not much time left to go out and meet the one.

Adelaide Charming

adelaideAspiration: Computer Whiz – not yet achieved

Traits: Geek, Slob, Genius

Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid – achieved and received reward trait: Mentally Gifted

Age: Young Adult

Adelaide and Helena are the second oldest children of the Charming family. When Adelaide was born, she wanted to be a whiz kid, and she achieved that goal early on in life. She was born a slob, and through hard work and practice, she became a genius by the time she finished high school. As a quick learner, she has no trouble mastering just about any skill. Adelaide isn’t really interested in finding a man yet. She wants to focus on her career as a tech guru first.

Helena Charming

helenaAspiration: Friend of the World

Traits: Gloomy, Outgoing, Bro

Bonus Trait: Gregarious

Child Aspiration: Social Butterfly – achieved and received reward trait: Socially Gifted

Age: Young Adult

Helena Charming already had a BFF when she was born – her twin sister, Adelaide. She hasn’t stopped making friends ever since. As a child, she was a social butterfly, despite being gloomy. To get rid of those gloomy moods, she’s kept on making friends and socializing with just about everyone. When she became a young adult, she decided it was time to move out and make a life of her own. She drops by often though to visit her parents and siblings.

Christian Charming

christianAspiration: Chief of Mischief

Traits: Insane, Goofball

Bonus Trait: Dastardly

Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid – achieved and received reward trait: Mentally Gifted

Age: Teenager

When Christian was born, it seemed like he got a worse deal than his twin brother, Derek. While Derek got the hot headed trait, Christian got the insane trait. He spent most of his childhood talking to himself rather than his siblings, and playing chess against imaginary opponents. Healthy or not, he did grow up to be mentally gifted because of that. Unfortunately he deciced to use his gift for mischief.

Derek Charming

derekAspiration: Bodybuilder

Traits: Hot Headed, Active

Bonus Trait: High Metabolism

Child Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp – achieved and received reward trait: Physically Gifted

Age: Teenager

Derek was born as a hot-headed baby, already crying more often than his siblings before him. He loved to play on the monkey bars and the pirate ship as a child, and became an active teenager. He decided to use his hot-headedness for a good purpose, namely to become a bodybuilder. Whenever he gets angry, he now hits the gym and works it off.

Sarah Charming

sarahAspiration: Musical Genius

Traits: Lazy, Art Lover

Bonus Trait: Muser

Child Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy – achieved and received reward trait: Creatively Gifted

Age: Teenager

Sarah Charming was the youngest of six children born in a span of a few years in the Charming household. She was the baby for a long time, until her parents decided to have another kid after Helena moved out. As the baby, Sarah became quite spoiled. She was lazy and didn’t have to help out a lot in the household – her older sister Cinderella took care of that, leaving Sarah more time to focus on what she really enjoyed: art and music. As a creatively gifted child, she trained those skills even more as a teenager and dreamt of becoming a musical genius.


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