disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 31

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous chapter, the kids worked on their aspirations and Cinderella and Castiel went on a date! It was all very romantic.


Cinderella visited Jensen’s house for his birthday.


Colette and Adrian had dropped by too to celebrate Jensen’s birthday.


Tiana was learning how to communicate thanks to her bear.


What was everyone doing at Cinderella’s house? Well, turns out, it’s Cindy’s birthday! So of course she invited all her brothers over.


Where was everyone when Cinderella blew out the candles, though? They all seemed to have disappeared.


Then, once Cinderella had blown out all the candles and officially became an adult, all her siblings headed over to the table for some cake. They sure like their food!


Little Tiana was helping herself to some food. She looks so cute.


Timothy worked on his creative aspiration while Tristan got some sleep.


Then Tristan decided to spend some time in the sauna, trying to relax. He wouldn’t spend much time as a child anymore because… it was his birthday! Yep, two birthdays in a row.


And again, everyone seems to have disappeared the moment Tristan has to blow out the candles. What is up with that?


Luckily, auntie Drizella was around to support him as he became a teenager.


He’s now a handsome young boy. He does have a weird choice of clothes, if you ask me.


There’s everyone! For some reason, everyone is crazy about dancing, and since the stereo is in the living room, that’s where everyone was headed.

Now, for some reason I missed a few screenshots, because look at this child in the picture below.


That’s Tiana. It was her birthday too, and she became a child. My game messed up at some point during this, and I lost some progress, so maybe the screenshots got lost too.

Either way, Tiana became a child!


The whole family gathered around the table to eat cake. I updated Tristan’s outfit. He looks a lot fancier now, fi you ask me.


Tristan and Castiel played a game of chess.


And here’s a look at an updated Tiana. Now she looks more like the Disney version.

With that, the epic row of parties had over. We had Cinderella’s birthday (officially an adult), Tristan’s (teenager) and Tiana’s (child). Tiana’s aspiration is Artistic Prodigy. Too bad I didn’t have pictures of her birthday.

What will happen next? Tristan achieved his aspiration before becoming a teenager, but will Timothy and Tiana?

Find out in our next episode!



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