disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 30

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous chapter, we celebrated the birthday of Drizella and of Timothy, who had become respectively an elder and a child.


Cinderella helped Tristan and Timothy with their homework.


Tiana was an independent toddler, so she loved doing things on her own, but especially on her own, but with her older brothers around.


As a Whizkid, Tristan loved experimenting. Luckily, he had his own experimenting kit in his bedroom.


Timothy was a creative child. He had a lot of imagination and loved playing with the castle and other toys.


Dean and Tristan hugged it out. Cute!


Sometimes, the children’s room got so crowded because everyone wanted to help them with their homework.


Dean often helped the kdis with their homework. Teamwork!


Dean White had come to visit his cousin. Drizella was thrilled to see him, and so was Tiana. She really liked him.


Dean and Drizella had an animated conversation. Their facial expressions are hilarious.


Cinderella took a dive in the downstairs pool. With the addition of basements, and since our Sims live on a small lot, I’ve moved the swimming pool and hot tub into the basement.


Snow’s ghost dropped by for a visit. Cinderella was glad to talk to her Mom.


Cinderella and Castiel were still as romantic as ever.


They loved watching their kids play.


Aren’t the kids adorable? Each doing their own thing, Tristan experimneting, Timothy drawing, Tiana… eating.


Cinderella and Castiel went out on a date. They went to the very same spot where they had gone on their first date.


They kissed. It was the ultimate romantic date.


Then they sat down on the exact same spot where they’d had their first kiss. It was bittersweet. They had come a long way since then.


Castiel gave Cinderella a back rub. True love, folks.

This was a short chapter, but I wanted to end it on the positive note of Cinderella znd Castiel reliving their first date.



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