disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 29

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In our previous chapter, we took a look at some of the renovations Castiel and Cinderella had done upstairs in our legacy home, and we visited all of Cinderella’s siblings for an update.


Meanwhile, back at our legacy household, Castiel was having a chat with baby Tiana when suddenly…


Tiana grew up into a toddler! She’s blonde (like her Mommy) but we’ll change that when she becomes a child so she looks more like Disney Tiana. Now, in the mean time, bear with me.


Castiel taught Tiana how to walk.


Tiana and her older brother Timothy decided to play with the dollhouse together. It seemed like Timothy had turned around completely, and now enjoyed spending time with his sister.


Timothy and Tristan still got along really well. Tristan was making good progress on his Whizkid aspiration.


Tiana and Cinderella had a bonding moment over food. Even as a toddler, Tiana has a special interest in food, and Cinderella being a chef, the two of them had a lot in common.


“Can you watch Tristan for a bit, while Cas and I put the toddlers in bath?” Cinderella asked Drizella.



Castiel put Timothy in bath.


And Cinderella put Tiana in bath. Now the toddlers were both clean again.


Cinderella helped train Tiana’s memory skills with memory cards.


To relax after the kids were put to bed, Cinderella decided to do some yoga.


Dean came over for a visit. It wasn’t just a visit, though. He had some sad news to share. Their oldest sister, Anastasia, had passed away.

Drizella hugged him tight, and the two found comfort in each other. “At least she’s with Kabir now,” Drizella said. Anastasia’s husband, Kabir, had passed away some time earlier.


Drizella was still feeling bad that evening. Dean and Castiel tried to cheer her up, but had a hard time doing so.


Little Tiana enjoyed dinner on her bed. She’s so cute in her onesie.

Drizella birthday was coming up. She didn’t want to spend it without her oldest sister. She’d told Cinderella she didn’t want a party, but of course, Cinderella had to organize one. She knew it was what Anastasia would’ve wanted.


For Timothy, the party was a success at least. He loved dancing.


All the remaining siblings gathered around the dining table. Cinderella had baked a cake (duh).


Drizella blew out the candles. All her siblings were excited! (If you see not all of them have aged up yet while they’re older than her, like Christian and James, that’s because I forgot to turn aging on for households I’d played but weren’t currently active. I did turn it on now, so that should be fixed soon).


Drizella became an elder! The grey hair… God, I can’t cope with it. Being an elder means she’ll probably pass away soon, and I’m not ready.


Drizella and Jensen hugged. All the siblings suffered from losing their oldest sister. After Snow passed away, Anastasia had been their rock to lean on. Now she was gone, they were lost, without purpose.


But Drizella wasn’t the only one whose birthday it was today. Timothy was celebrating his birthday too. Castiel helped him to blow out the candles on the cake (and yes, poor Snow had to make two cakes).


Timothy became a child!


Look at him, isn’t he cute? He’s wearing this cute little hat.

Timothy’s child aspiration is to become an Artistic Prodigy. Let’s hope he succeeds!

Now that Drizella is an elder and Timothy is a child, what will happen in our next episode? Will Tristan and Timothy complete their aspirations? Will Tiana become a child?

Find out in episode 30!


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