disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 28

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In our last episode, we had some amazing news to share. Our heir, Tiana, was born!

Cinderella and Castiel had saved up some money, and with the new baby, that meant the upstairs needed some renovations done – in particular the children’s bedroom.


The children’s bedroom got expanded. With two beds (one for Timothy who is growing up soon and one for Tristan) and a toddler bed for Tiana, for when she becomes a toddler, it’s the perfect size.


Here’s a closer look at the toddler side of the room. Additionally, I added in a children’s bathroom, so the kids can have their own bathroom and don’t throw water all over the other bathroom.


The master bedroom got an overhaul too. It looks much nicer now, if you ask me. Once we have enough funds to renovate our room to the right, that will become the new master bedroom, but for now, this one is it. If you look closely, you’ll see we changed the upper room in the right (which used to be a girl’s bedroom) so it’s now a gym. I also added in a door to the upstairs balcony.


Baby Timothy sure loved the new bedroom / playroom.

Let’s take a look at Christian and his kids, and what happened there while we were busy renovating our home.


Christina and Carlina were talking outside of the house, near the trash bin (although I couldn’t guess why)


Cassandra and Colin were hugging it out too (autonomously).


A loving kiss between Femke, who has turned into an elder, and Christian.


And here’s Cassandra and Colin sitting on the bed, listening to their older brother Christopher.

Now, let’s move on to James’ house.


Here we see Layla White cleaning up. Layla’s become a teenager, and she looks very cute.


Lyssa White was just coming home from work.


James and Dewi were being adorable. Kissing.


Hugging. Would James be up to something?


He was! James went down on one knee and asked Dewi to marry him. These two had been living together for a while, serious boyfriend/girlfriend (heck, they even had kids) but still, the moment hadn’t seemed ideal to James to ask her to marry him. Until now!


Of course, Dewi said yes.


She’s so proud of that ring.


“I’m so thrilled Mom and Dad are finally getting married!” Lyssa said.

“I know, right?” Her brother, Leander, hugged her.

Now, let’s move on to Jensen’s house, and see if we’ve got anything new going on there.


Jensen and Mariko were hugging autonomously. These two are adorable.


Megan, their youngest child, was busy playing with a bear. Morgan, the oldest, was at work when we dropped by to visit.

Now, last but not least, let’s check up on Dean White and his family.


Wow! The moment we zoomed in, Dean and Natalie were already sharing a hug. Hugging is popular in the Sims, nowadays.


First, Dean hugged Devon, his oldest son.


Of course, Audrey needed a hug too. Cute!


And of course, the Sims wouldn’t be the Sims if they didn’t kiss randomly either.

So now we’ve had an update on the house (renovations) and on all of Cinderella’s siblings. What will happen next? Will Tiana become a toddler? Will Timothy have a birthday party soon? Find out in our next episode!



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