disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 26

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, we visited Anastasia’s home, Cinderella held a dinner party, and gave birth to her second child.

The baby is a boy! Cinderella and Castiel decided to call him Timothy.

Timothy was a very sweet child, and Cinderella and Castiel loved him right away.

Despite that, Cinderella really wanted a little girl too, so she asked Castiel if he wanted to try for another baby. Of course, Castiel didn’t object.

Castiel loved his son. He spent as much time with him as he could .

He also spent a lot of time with Tristan, teaching him new skills and getting to know him.

That’s teamwork. Dean chatted with Timothy, while Castiel helped Tristan with potty training.

Even Snow came by to meet her little grandson.

Cinderella loved spending time with her baby boy. “You’re going to be a big brother soon!”

Time was going by so fast. Tristan’s birthday was coming up! Cinderella invited all his cousins.

Tristan got ready to blow out the candles…

And turned into a child!

Tristan didn’t seem too happy, but he was just being a little shy.

He quickly warmed up to the other kids.

Layla White was most interested in her younger cousin, Timothy, though. The two really connected.

Dean and Cinderella played a game of chess.

One of the kids was having a breakdown. Happens to the best of us, little one.

Autonomous hugs are the best hugs.

All the kids headed back home. Timothy’s birthday party had been a success!

Snow decided that with a baby on the way, that didn’t mean she could just slack off. She’d eaten way too much cake today and she wanted to shed some of the extra weight.

Tristan played a game of chess with his auntie Drizella. Tristan’s ambition is to be a Whizzkid, so of course he wanted to develop his mental capacity.

Cinderella and Castiel were able to take a quick nap.

But before Cinderella could get much sleep, Timothy’s cries woke her up. Timothy was hungry so she fed him some of his bottle.

Timothy turned into a toddler!

Isn’t he adorable?

What will happen next? Will Tristan achieve his child aspiration? Will Timothy be a happy toddler? And will Cinderella and Castiel’s third baby be a boy or girl?

Find out in our next episode!




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