disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 25

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, Castiel and Cinderella went on a date, and Cinderella was pregnant again! On top of that, we also visited Dean’s and Jensen’s house and checked up on the kids.

Remember Anastasia’s house? It came unfurnished, so I recently headed over and furnished the place.

In case you don’t remember, here’s what the house looked like from the outside.

It came unfurnished, so this is how I furnished the living room. Nice and cozy, not too big.A view on the upstairs rooms – bedroom, bathroom, children’s room.

The kitchen. I love this kitchen! The colors are amazing.

Adrian was being a good boy and helping around the house.

Colette is watching her brother work. That’s fun too.

Kabir aged into an elder. He wore weird clothes (for an elder, at least) so I changed his outfit into something more suiting.

Now, back to the main house.

Cinderella’s belly was beginning to show! She and Dean were working in the kitchen, preparing breakfast (Cin) and coffee (Dean).

After breakfast, Castiel went to the police station. There, he received news a suspect was spotted, and headed to the park. Guess who he saw there? Dean!

He also saw James and Christian. Small world, eh?

That evening, a lot of guests headed over to Cinderella’s house. What was going on?

Cinderella was showing off her impressive cooking skills. She had invited over Jensen and Dean and their families for dinner.

Drizella met with Mariko, and they talked a bit about life and their careers. Tristan was happy to meet his cousin.

Everyone gathered around the dining table to eat some of the delicious food Cinderella had made. Castiel helped by standing behind the bar.

Cinderella loved these family gatherings. She was used to a full house and with just her and Castiel, Drizella and Dean, and little Tristan, the house never quite felt full enough.

Even Snow’s ghost dropped by for a visit.

When everyone left, there was a lot of cleaning up to do, but they’d all had a lot of fun. Castiel helped feeding Tristan while everyone else cleaned up.

Drizella and Tristan had a whole conversation about sports, and how important sports is to build character and a good physique.

Castiel went to patrol around the gym for his job, and ran into Dean, who was working with a personal trainer.

He arrested a suspect and interviewed him. His first interrogation! It was the highlight of his career so far.

When he came home, he told Tristan all about it. Tristan was so proud of his father!

Meanwhile, pregnant Mommy Cinderella was preparing dinner for the family.

Cinderella and Gunther’s ghost had dinner together. “Do you have a name yet for the baby?” Gunther asked.

“Yes. Tiana if it’s a girl, and Timothy if it’s a boy,” Cinderella said. “I’m secretely hoping for a girl, though.”

Time for baby number two! Cinderella’s tummy starting hurting. She knew it couldn’t from the food considering she’d prepared it herself and all her food was delicious. The baby was on its way!

Will baby number two be a boy or girl? Will Tiana, future heir of our generation, finally be born? Find out in the next episode!


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