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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 23

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In the previous episode, CInderella and Castiel got married. The party was amazing, and all Cinderella’s siblings dropped by to visit.

Castiel’s job took him to all kinds of places over town. When heading to the local gym to investigate a supsect, he ran into James and Mariko.

Meanwhile, pregnant Cinderella was practicing her mixology skills at home. She worked as a chef, but she needed to know mixology too to get promoted in her job.

Here’s a view of what the house looked like now. Built in Snow’s style, it was cozy and looked like it came out of a fairytale. But the house was getting too small for the family. Cinderella and Castiel had plans to expand it, upgrade the furniture, and rework the backyard, now that their little one was on the way.

Meanwhile, since the water slide will be taken away during renovations, let’s take a last look at Drizella having fun sliding through the water. Sorry, Dri, this has to make room for more house!

A lot of renovation work, and a lot of spent money later, this is the new, updated house.

It’s huge! Remember what it looked like when Snow first bought it? It barely had any room. Now, in one generation, we’ve turned it into a mansion.

The inside renovations are still a work-in-progress. The dining room has been renovated.

The dining room looked amazing. It was now far more spacious, had a large bar, room for eight people to sit down, and a place to play chess – the favorite game of our White family.

And behind the corner, was room enough for the piano.

Here’s a view on the living room. They didn’t have money to upgrade the furniture yet, so the old furniture just moved into the new room.

They did have some money left to add in a downstairs bathroom / toilet.

Top view of the dining rom. The kitchen stayed the same, just moved into a different spot, and added a few more cabinets. The space next to the kitchen is for a small breakfast table, but they didn’t have enough money to purchase that yet.

A top view of the entire downstairs. The hallway is gigantic, and has a double stairs.

The upstairs area. Most of the furniture was what we already had in the old house. The children’s rooms stayed mostly the same, just the space was expanded and we have added an additional bathroom upstairs (top part) and bedroom.

Some inside looks of the updated house. Castiel and Dean having a conversation in the living room.

Cinderella was enjoying breakfast in the dining room.

Cinderella decided to pay her brother James a visit and talk about renovations she’d done on the house. James was so happy to see her.

They even took a picture together.

They hugged.

Cinderella went inside the house to say “hello” to her cousins. They were all excited to see her.

As soon as she came home, Cinderella rushed to the nursery upstairs. Her belly hurt so much, and she felt the baby coming.

Let’s welcome the first child of generation three! Tristan White, a beautiful baby boy.

What will happen next? Will Cinderella and Castiel make enough money to continue the renovations on their home? Will baby Tristan become a happy toddler?

Find out in our next episode.



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