disney legacy challenge

Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 22

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

In our last episode, Cinderella dropped by to tell all her siblings the good news: she was pregnant.

Wait, what’s happening? Cinderella is waiting down the isle for her prince charming, Castiel.

Castiel approached her, looking very fancy in his evening wear.

“Cas, from the first day I met you, I always hoped we would end up here.”

“Me too, Cin. I’ve been in love with you since the first time we met.”

All the guests came outside to watch the ceremony. Mariko was looking extremely pregnant.

The Whites had decorated the garden with lights. It looked very romantic.

The happy couple hugged and exchanged their vows.

They kissed. How romantic!

All Cin’s siblings and relatives looked out as she and Cas exchanged their “I do’s”.

Afterward, everyone headed for the kitchen to eat some cake. Cin wasn’t feeling too well – she’d been so nervous she had tigerstripes all over her arms.

All the guests gathered aorund the dining table for some food and cake.

“So, how are you doing in your new home?” Drizella asked. “Taking care of the twins? And how are things with you and Kabir?”

“It’s very busy,” Anastasia said. “Still, not as busy as I remember our house being when we grew up.”

“I miss you,” Drizella said.

“I miss you too. And Cin. I love you guys.”

Castiel was getting ready to cut the wedding cake. Everyone was excited about it.

After he finished cutting the cake, he brought a piece to Cinderella.

These two are so cute! And Jensen is like: “what the heck, how can they be so adorable?”

After cutting the cake, everyone once again gathered in the dining room – this time to taste the delicious cake.

“How’s having kids?” Cinderella asked Jensen.

“It’s amazing. You’re never bored,” Jensen laughed. “I understand why Mom wanted to have so many kids.”

“I miss Mom. Her ghost is around sometimes, but it’s not the same.”

Some brotherly bonding between Christian and James. James will have to watch his diet – he has quite the belly.

An autonomous hug between Jensen and Dean.

Cinderella went around to hug all of her cousins.

It was so adorable!

She coudl barely keep them apart, but she loved all of them.

“Hello, my soon-to-be cousin,” Christian said.

The party was amazing and it was over all too fast. Cinderella and Drizella were sad to see their siblings head back home.

What will happen next? Will Cin and Castiel’s baby be a boy or girl? Will the siblings drop by for another visit?

Find out in our next episode.




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