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Disney Legacy Challenge 2: Generation 2 – Part 21

I’m participating in the Disney Legacy Challenge for the Sims 4. You can find the guidelines for the challenge here.

You can find out more or sign up to participate here.


Cinderella came over to Christian’s house to pay her older brother a visit.


She first met with Christopher. “Hey, little cousiN. how are you?”


Next up, she played in the dollhouse with Carlina.


Changed Christina’s diaper.


Then she pretended to be an airplane with Christina on her back. Christina loved it!


She also met with Colin, and talked some more with Christopher. With so many cousins, she barely had time to get to know any of them.


She also spoke a little with Christina. Christina and Cinderella were very alike, and liked each other right away.


Downstairs, she gave Christian a quick hug. She was so glad to see him .Even though he was her oldest brother and she didn’t have such a strong connection with him as she had with Dean or Jensen, she would always miss him.


Back home, she had dinner with Drizella. “I think Christian is going crazy with all those kids.”

“I’ve decided I don’t want any kids,” Drizella said. “Growing up with all those siblings, I’ve had more than enough.”

“Are you sure? It seems like a drastic decision.”

“I’m sure. It would just come in the way of my career as a sports professional,” Drizella said. “I have more than enough of kids.”

“Well uhm… I kind of invited Christian and the kids over for dinner,” Cinderella said, blushing.


Drizella might not like kids, but she was happy when her brother and cousins came to visit. They’re such a colorful bunch. By now, Carlina and Colin had grown up as well, becoming children.


Castiel was happy to see the house occupied with all these kids. The more people, the happier he was.


Cinderella had prepared a delicious meal for everyone. Being such a good cook, everyone loved her food. Even the kids liked it.


The meal was a success, and lots of people took seconds. Cinderella wouldn’t be more pleased!


Well, maybe she could, because after everyone left, this happened.

Castiel and Cinderella made love for the first time. It was amazing.


“So uhm Cas… I’ve got some news. Remember last night? Well, of course you remember, it was incredible. Well, uhm…”

Cinderella paused and look at him. “I’m pregnant.”


“Oh my God, that’s amazing! I love you so much.”


Meanwhile, Dean was working on his career. He and Drizella had no intention of having kids, but he was thrilled his best friend, Castiel, would be a father soon.


Cinderella decided to visit her second oldest brother, James, and tell him the good news. James’ house is so cozy, and fairytale-like.


“Hey James. I’ve got some big news to tell you…” Cinderella leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “I’m pregnant.”


“Congratulations!” The news brought James to tears. “I never expected my baby sister would become a mother one day.”


“Hey guys, what’s up?” Dewi asked from inside the kitchen.

“Come here, Dewi, Cinderella has some wonderful news,” James said.


“I’m pregnant!” Cinderella said out loud this time.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Dewi was so thrilled to hear that.


“So, will it be a boy or a girl?” Dewi asked.

“I don’t know yet. I want to wait until the baby is born to find out.”

Lyssa and Leander seemed kind of thrilled about being older cousins.


But Layla was happiest of all, and asked Cinderella a ton of questions about it.


A few hours later, Cinderella left. Poor girl was exhausted and wanted to go home to bed.


But when she passed by Jensen’s house, she decided she couldn’t go home without telling her news to her other brother.


“Hey Mariko. Sorry to bother you this late. Is my brother home?”

“Sure, he’s upstairs.”


“Hey Jensen! I’ve got the most amazing news,” Cinderella said. “I’m pregnant.”

“What? Cindy, congratulations!” Jensen just about jumped from joy.


Jensen and Cinderella hugged. Mariko came upstairs, she’d also heard Cinderella’s big news, and wished her congratulations.


“Did you hear that, little one? You’re going to become a big cousin soon.”

What will happen in our next episode? Will Cinderella’s baby be a boy or girl? Will the baby be the heir of our next generation? Find out in the next episode!



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